Original Sin

On the 6th day God created man

And said, it’s not good that man should be alone,

So He create a woman from a rib bone.

And he said, everything you want to do you can,

except eating from the tree of “knowledge of good and evil”.

The man and his woman were blissful,

But the serpent said to the woman,

Ah, God does not want you to be powerful,

because if you were to acquire this knowledge you would be like Him.

This is why the serpent is known as the “great liar”

And every season changes its skin.

It is not the knowledge of good and evil that makes us like God,

It’s the capability of loving everything that exists

Because God makes it exist out of Love.

this knowledge is just the dualism invented by us

to be able to create the illusion in which we live,

to be able to suffer and cuss.

and be terrified of the serpent,

and the universe of creatures that God loves.

Why would God want us to acquire this knowledge?

Why would God want us to suffer?

Had he not wanted it, he would not have set up the challenge,

nor would have he created the serpent.

The answer, my friends is blowing in the wind

The wind, my friends is blowing in our faces.

God wants us to regain innocent consciousness willingly,

out of Love for all that exists, which will destroy duality.

In Paradise, we were innocent through God’s Will.

Now we will become innocent out of our own free will.

We will recreate ourselves and be able to Love with our love.

Thus multiplying Love in the Universe by the number of creatures

that exist through His love, with all their features

times the number of creatures that have different ones

that have consciously regained their innocense

and a new era of vibration have begun.

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One Response to Original Sin

  1. Santiago says:

    really good one dad!

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