Electronic games

‘Just a coincidence’ you said!
co-incidence means that two beings that seem unrelated
are laying together in the time bed
and just happen to be there when no one had planned it.

But beings are who we are
and we learn by ‘seeing’
so we will never venture too far
from the “Eternal Being”.
of Whom we’re avatar.

Our liberty
allows us to be where we want to be
and when we want to be there
so thinking it’s left to chance is anything but fair.

Electronic games are addictive
So is the game of life
our heart has selected
as well as the players who share our strife.

Is it then coincidence that electronic games
captivate the minds of our children
when we have run out of names
to illustrate our existence?

This illusion is starting to fall
so we must create another
God forbid that we call
everyone our brother!

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