For my sister

Oh thank you so much for being there!
What you will hear now is far from fair.
I got a message from the ´health center´
to which I will never again enter.

I owe them 72k they say
for having almost sent me to heaven,
And the insurance is unwilling to pay
cause they say, I was ailing before I met them.

It´s funny the way things work out
I was in perfect health before going
and now I´m just simmering in doubt
because they have their own way of doing.

They don´t listen to the patient
because they watch Dr. House
and this puts us all in doubt
of being liars as a part of our ailment.

They wanted to perform an angioplasty
They wanted to do bypass surgery
I fended them off with conviction
otherwise I´d be served a notice of eviction.

Universal Assistance, on the other hand
says ´its a prexisting condition´
so they will not accept the rendition
based on these clown´s information.

So here I am, trying to recover
and being stressed out
because insurance won´t cover
even the part I couldn´t do without.

If you look at it objectively
the price is 10 years of family vacation
or 10k per day of stupidity
of the medical staff at that station.

It is really unfair, little sister
I wonder how they can muster this scam
and still remain without blisters
in their unholy, despicable hands.

They never did what I asked them
I had to beg them to leave
how in heaven can I believe
that that in good faith they were acting?

Still, a trip to the next dimension
is something that was really enlightening
because there is nothing so frightening
as living another extension.

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