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I write for me

I don’t publicize. I don’t share on media. I just write. If some day this inspires or empowers some curious soul… so be it. In the meantime… this is NOT about you. It’s about me.  It’s somewhat about what I’ve … Continue reading

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For my sister

You asked me what`s new! Oh, sis, of these I got a few. I found someone who understands what free love demands I also got a letter from the healing center I have become a great offender because insurance will … Continue reading

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How I feel about you

You… you know who you are, don´t you? Maybe you don’t, and maybe you think you know who you are to me… But, maybe you don’t, so I’ll tell you. And, I’ll tell you in Shakespeare’s language, which I obviously … Continue reading

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And maybe, just maybe… it’s about accepting the Truth…. Continue reading

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