Blessed Freedom,

What is it really?

Is it the fiefdom

of impunity?

Is it the kingdom

of possibility?

Is it a clean slate

to write on?

Is it an altered state

to rely on?

Is it a choice of fate

without consequence?

Is it a choice among

things with difference?

Is it the dissipation

of the illusion?

Is it just the capability

of doing as you please?

Is it the lack of obstacles

in your journey?

Maybe not.

Maybe Freedom is none of those things.

Maybe it’s the simple capability

of accepting what is.

Maybe it’s the right to the autonomy

of accepting what is… without being obligated to do so.

Maybe it’s the right to accept who you are (really are)

even if this does not conform to collective wisdom.

Maybe it’s about choosing to be now

or choosing to crave what was not or is still not.

Maybe it’s about accepting the other that is now

or rejecting the other that did not or still does note conform.

And maybe, just maybe… it’s about accepting the Truth

rather than being subject to our own lies.

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