How I feel about you

You… you know who you are, don´t you?

Maybe you don’t, and maybe you think you know who you are to me…

But, maybe you don’t, so I’ll tell you. And, I’ll tell you in Shakespeare’s language, which I obviously don’t dominate, but that has the virtue of conveying spirit like none other.

Once in a while I need to write who you are to me… because I also forget…:

So here it goes:

You are the essence that makes my whole being tingle in delight.

You are the source of velvet padding that muffles the blows from my not self life.

You are the song that sends me spiraling into space and beyond.

You are the mystery that encloses the Mystery and the time that guards Eternity.

You are my awe in the presence of Truth.

You are the capricious life that vibrates in the inanimate.

You are the depth in the eye of passion.

You are the metamorphic force that gives me wings.

You are the mirror of my abject nature, and the reflection of my glorious being.

You are what is most intimate and at the same time most alien in me.

You are my misery and my joy.

You are the spark of knowing… and the darkness of silence.

You are the chain that binds me and the key to release it.

You are the word of wisdom and the epithet of meanness.

When you are acting as self, you are magnificent: you are the Truth itself.

When you are faking to be another, you are a bad copy.

This is why I don’t want to change you… I don’t want you to conform to my perceived needs.

You are the life-giving jolt of a lightning bolt. And the silence that follows the thunderclap.

OH!!!! how I wish I could avoid the conditioning of time and proximity… that make me blind and deaf and numb! And how I wish I could avoid the conditioning of lack of time and proximity that make me blind and deaf and numb!

Yes… the erosion of time… the erosion of routine passing of waters through the same riverbed… they are the narcotics… they are the blinders, the earplugs…. the source of degeneration of love, the cause of loss of the capacity for awe. Yet they are also the source of unity where love of other is love of self.

So once in a while I have to remind me of who you are for me… because that reminds me of who I am.


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