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How I feel about you

You… you know who you are, don´t you? Maybe you don’t, and maybe you think you know who you are to me… But, maybe you don’t, so I’ll tell you. And, I’ll tell you in Shakespeare’s language, which I obviously … Continue reading

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¡Cuanto nos cuesta soltar! Pero el secreto no está en dejar los apegos que nos cuesta siempre, sin cesar. El secreto esta en los apegos evitar. ¿Y eso como se hace en sosiego? Se hace aprendiendo a Amar, aprendiendo a … Continue reading

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When you see it snow

When you see it snow worship each snowflake because you should know it is the materialization of an dream it is harmonic and its crystals are symmetrical it materializes the good thoughts and good ideas of mankind that were released … Continue reading

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Original Sin

An interpretation of the reason for Original Sin Continue reading

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